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Will Lowe's Iris V1 devices work with V2 Hub?


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The short answer is Yes.  Also, the new V2 devices will work with V1.


Now for the details...


So, if you have V1 devices that you want to work with the V2 hub and services, then you will see that some features won't work yet.  I have been assured by Customer Support that this is being worked on.  Example:  V1 Keypads will not make the door charm on a V2 system right now.  You can set the alarm from them, but don't expect much beyond that.  Other V1 devices work like a motion sensor, but you want get temperature readings from the device yet.


If you go the other way, you have a V1 Hub and you get a V2 device, then you will see that the devices will work just as the current V1 stuff works on V2, however it appears that there will not be fixes to the V1 platform to add the added features such as temperature to the V1 system.  This is because Lowe's is starting to ship V2 hubs to V1 owners for free.


Hope this helps...

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I have an update on this... The Schlage deadbolt now works, but make sure that you have the BE469(xx) version of the deadbolt.  The BE468 is not currently working.  I have raised this concern with Iris and they are looking into it.  I am also reaching out to my contacts at Allegion (AKA Schlage) to let them know of the issue as well.


I did have an issue that some people could not be given permissions to the lock.  I had to delete and recreate the people and it resolved that problem.  I have been running successfully now with the deadbolt for about 3 weeks.

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