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Pre-wiring for Window Treatments (Blinds / Privacy Film / etc)

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Hi guys,


It just struck me as we're in the middle of wiring of my house and the walls are open, that it would be great to at least have wiring set up for automatic blinds or privacy film later on when I have the money to spend on it.  From what I am reading, you typically have all the window wiring route to a central panel.  What I'm a bit confused is what wiring I need.


If I am correct, there are low voltage and standard 110v type applications.  To prepare for either case, what wiring should I put to each window to make sure I can do this in the future?


Also if the panel will house both low voltage and standard, do they have to be separate panels?  Sorry if these are basic questions but I'm struggling to find any good answers.

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I don't have any motorized shades but have thought of getting them for my basement windows.  I could have installed wires to the windows but it didn't occur to me until we were ready to drywall.  The battery powered shades like the Lutron Serena seem to be a good option (you can always buy them wired).  They use a wireless signal to move and use different batteries depending on the shade material.  if you went with wired it is only to eliminate the batteries and the wiring is low voltage DC.  Depending on the distance back to the DC power source you have to take into account voltage drop on the wiring and the amount of current (amperage) the motor will draw.  This all makes the battery powered shades even more attractive.


You also have to ask yourself how often the shades will be opened and closed.  If its a lot (a couple times a day) then you may be better off with a direct wired power supply.


Part of the issue I have run into is where do you leave the low voltage wired in the wall to hook it up to your shade? 

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My luck I would leave it on the complete opposite side!  Great answer though.  Derekmw did you wire it up yet or decide how to do it?

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