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Automated File Copy/Move utilities


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Since it looks like I'll be using WHS v1 for a little longer than expected, I'm rebuilding my WHS machine. As part of this work, I'll be copying every file on the homeserver from the old machine onto the new one.


I've been using Microsoft RichCopy for a while, and although it's not the most friendly utility.. it is very configurable. I've also been experimenting with TeraCopy which seemed to be quite popular according to LifeHacker.


I was just curious what everyone else uses since I'm sure there's other people on the forums who are using these kind of tools...


Personally, I'm not really concerned about copying speed so much as configurability..(ie, file verification, throttling, history, network reconnection)


(Just to clarify, pulling the drives from the old machine to the new one isn't an option for me since I'm converting from VMWare Server .vhd's to Hyper-V pass through disks..)

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xcopy works well enough. Either that or robocopy fill all my needs. I generally do it in a batch file with a line for each folder (or share in this case).

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