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Install FreeNas on a EX47x hidden flash.


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I was searching the web to see how to unhide the hidded flash on the EX470. ( It's a reg key edit, I can't find it in my notes) I came across this tidbit http://www.happybison.com/reviews/installing-freenas-on-acer-aspire-easystore-h340-6/
This can also be done on the EX47x models. Looks cool, you can install the FreeNas software on the hidden internal 256 meg USB flash. This is great since unlike the WHS software, it does not have to be installed on the system drive, leaving all drive to be part of the pool.

I was thinking of giving this a try since I got a EX490 before I unload my EX47x.

John (homeservershow).

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So you are going to have the FreeNas drives outside the control of the WHS disk management? This would not let you have the WHS automatically duplicate the data on the FreeNas drives as it does with drives it pulls into the pool. What about just buying a SATA drive controller card...lots of 4 port cards available at a decent price and then let WHS manage all your drives? I like your idea of experimenting and thinking outside the box but in this case I am not sure if the end result is worth it as the drive pooling and data duplication are some of my favorite features of WHS.

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