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Why are Zwave lightswitches becoming discontinued on so many sites?


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The two companies I read about as good zwave light switches are the Linear brand or the GE brand.  I was about to start buying the GE brand since it looks like they may have a smaller LED indicator light on them making them less noticeable.  When I look up these switches on Home Depot's or Lowe's website, many of these are listed as discontinued.  Or even on Amazon, they don't stock the 3-way kit anymore.







Do you think this means that there is a newer model coming out?  Does GE not want to support these models anymore?  Has the complaints about the dimmer causing buzzing on LEDs been too much and GE wants to move away from building these?


I'm just at the point where I want to replace a bunch of switches, but I'd hate to start replacing switches only to find out that it will be expensive or difficult to get a full house of similar models.


Has anyone heard anything?  Should I hold off until something gets sorted out?  I'd really like to buy a brand that is sold at HomeDepot or Lowes so getting a replacement would be easy.

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Everything looks fine with GE Jasco



It could be that Lowes and HD want to sell switches form the Home Automation guys they partner with and perhaps GE is not one of them.

First thing I look at is to confirm that my hub supports a specific model. Then I look at sourcing.

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I had a couple of the GE Zwave switches go bad during a power surge. I went to Lowe's and the Iris switches they sell for their system are identical to my GE switches. I bought a couple of three way sets and a couple of dimmers as well. It does seem that Zwave is not getting as many newer devices as some of the other protocols. I have a few different brands of Zwave devices made by different manufacturers and they all play well together, even my two older Schlage locks that are now Nexia will unlock through my controller. I was always under the impression that Zwave was the system to do the best as it isn't as expensive as other devices.



I've noticed that some of the Zwave devices on Amazon are labeled as Zwave Plus, but I'm not sure what that means. I'm guessing it's a newer protocol. Hopefully these devices will work with my Vera Three controller or they will do a firmware update or module of some type. The switches for the 2gig security system will work as well. I don't have any in my network, but I've installed one for a customer that is paying like $1.50 for each device through 2gig. I had to call them, give them my electrical ID and they reluctantly allowed me to enter the tool box and enter the new switch. They said they where to busy to drive from Austin to replace the switch. It's about a 45 minute drive. That was the only reason they allowed me to set up the new switch. He still got a bill for installation.


I had a 2gig security system installed a couple of years ago and my switches where already installed. I have an app for the system. It will control Zwave devices, but they wanted me to rip mine out and let their electrician install their switches at like $65.00 each. I told them no, and just left it the way it is. I'm using MControl V3 to set up my lighting and cameras. No monthly fees for the set up. Just the yearly alarm cost. My thermostat is a wi-if Lennox model and I have an app for that as well.


Hope this helps,



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Awesome great info!  I saw those Jasco website come up in my hits, but I never heard of the site so I kinda ignored it.  Now I see that it is a storefront for all GE products... so that explains why they offer those switches.  I still wonder if there is a new model coming out or if it is HomeDepot and Lowes are trying to narrow their selection of products to ones that fit their HA solution.


@Texasbear mentions 2Gig products... I wasn't sure if they were a separate company, or if they just sold Linear stuff.  When I search for Linear on Amazon.com, I end up getting hits for 2Gig branded stuff that have the Linear product listed in the description.  So I was confused about what I would actually be getting if I bought those.


My switches are going to be my biggest investment so far into my HA system, since all I have right now are some WeMo smart bulbs.  I am using a SmartThings hub so far, but I'd be willing to switch if the switches require something else.  It seems like SmartThings will work with most anything though.


I'm still a little nervous to go with any model... since I'd like to buy my switches in a couple of batch purchases. I'd like to have a consistent look around the house... so I am afraid of buying a few now, only to have a newer model of something come out in a few months and have a different color LED or brighter light or larger light.

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