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Pre-wiring house with Cat6(or Cat7?) - What type of cables to use


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No basement, we're on a slab and we're in San Diego so very mild temps all year long.  My media closet I planned to house as much as possible for what makes sense such as game console, HTPC, Media Storage, Cable Box (for living room and master bedroom), etc.


I can kind of see my electrician's point of putting a panel in the garage where the 'homerun' cables come in from outside...but I don't see why I would really want the hub for coax here to then take each room's coax to the media closet.




Would it be advisable to have the panel in the garage where I have a 'hub option' where it goes directly to each room in case someone chooses not to use the media closet?  And then one coax from this panel directly to the media closet where I can put my hub since I want everything routed from there in my case?

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