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Planning and Installing SmartThings Sensors


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I've got my Samsung SmartThings V2 Hub up and running and have been going room to room adding sensors.  Once I got going it has been pretty easy.  I did have early troubles as in I couldn't add a single sensor.  The fix was to power down the V2 hub and leave it off for an hour or more.  Don't forget the batteries!  After that I was able to add sensors.


I started on paper since I'm basically redoing everything.  It got me looking at the length of my zigbee and zwave mesh network as well.  I have a few carefully placed plug-in modules in order to not over extend the network.


The app has trouble every once in a while.  It crashes often.  I can't recall any other app in my Android Ecosystem that has crashed as much as this thing.  It also gets lost often or jumps you to a screen that you were in much earlier.  It's very odd.


I have my mechanical room all set up.  It's an easy room and how I started my SmartThings journey.  Here is the list.

ST Motion Sensor - Zigbee

GE Light Switch - Z-Wave

Two Water Sensors by Everspring - Z-Wave

D-Link Camera - Wi-Fi


This is a protocol diverse room!  It's also in the basement and the hub is on the main floor.  I have a Zigbee Lamp Module in between the two just in case.  I might need a ZWave device in between as well as I'm having phantom issues with turning on the light or synchronizing the light to the dashboard.  The sensor is good as I can walk in the room with my phone and see the dashboard report motion.


The water sensors were easy to add compared to this time last year on the V1 hub.  It was painful and the devices didn't update properly either.  I got mine at Lowes but you can get them on Amazon as well.  http://www.amazon.com/Everspring-Z-Wave-Water-Flood-Sensor/dp/B006TG9W4Y


Enter room, light turns on, turns off after 5 minutes of no motion.  Water sensors activate a text and push notification if there is water sensed.  I also have a D-Link Wi-Fi Water Sensor in the room as a backup.


I look forward to adding more and hearing about your rooms on the V2 hub.


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