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SmartThings V2 Hub Install Stuck at Setting Up Hub


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SmartThings V2 is off to a rocky start in my household.  According to a thread in the SmartThings community forum I'm not the only one.  

I spent two days excluding sensors off of my SmartThings setup in order to set them up again on the new/improved Version 2 hub.  That was a painful process no matter how many people tell you it should only "take a few hours."  Zigbee devices remove instantly but you have to get hands on with Z Wave sensors in order to get them to exclude.  Excluding is the reverse process of adding them to your Z Wave hub.  If you don't exclude them you cannot add them to the new SmartThings hub.  It's painful for 20 sensors so I can imagine what it is like for those folks who have more.


There is light at the end of the tunnel right?  I should be able to add them to my new Version 2 hub instantly.  If I can get the hub installed!


Here is the unboxing of the SmartThings Version 2 hub and sensors.




The install is straightforward for new users and as I stated earlier, rather cumbersome for migrations.  This post has all of the instructions needed to migrate.  http://homeautomationforums.com/topic/291-how-to-migrate-from-smartthings-to-version-2-hub/


I am almost positive I did everything correctly to remove the old hub, sensors, locations, etc.  I plugged in my new hub and started the app.  Every SmartThings hub comes with a code in the box that is tied to the hub.  SmartThings uses the code to activate the hub to your account.  When you put the code in the app continues normally and things look to be ok.




This is the screen in question.  It's the "Next" that will never come.  The hub lights are green but it will never activate.

I've waiting 10 minutes.  Twenty minutes.  Hours.  Next never comes.


If you close the app and open it again you will see this.




If you go into the IDE (developer portal) at SmartThings you will see the hub but it will be inactive. I've deleted everything, rebooted hub, pulled batteries, let it sit unplugged for hours, hopped on one foot, etc.  Nothing seems to work.  If you read through the first link in this story you will find a few folks were able to get "Next" to finally come up by doing various scenarios of rebooting, deleting, etc.  I've not found that magic scenario.


I consulted Chris Compton of the SmartHomeHQ Podcast.  He was able to find a magic scenario to get his hub up and running and even mentioned it in his latest episode.  http://smarthomehq.net/036/ His hub received a "firmware update."  I'm not sure how to activate an update process but hopefully support will be on top of my issue soon.  Chris Compton is active in this forum so hopefully he can help monitor this situation.


Some in the SmartThings community forum are waiting for a replacement hub to arrive from SmartThings.  I e-mailed support late last night so they probably haven't seen it yet.  Some are speculating that this is a MAC address / Activation code issue and a fix should be coming. 


Many SmartThings fans were hoping the Samsung acquisition would speed up sensor availability and increase quality of the platform in general.  Samsung's track record with this and the Galaxy Note 5 "S Pen" debacle has me a little concerned.


Yes, I'm being very critical of Samsung and SmartThings because the home automation market in general does not need another disaster with hubs like we saw with Wink.  Stay tuned and I'll keep you updated on my situation.  I'm off to install a D-Link DCH-S160 Wi-Fi Water Sensor in my mechanical room since SmartThings sensors are sitting there without a hub to connect to.

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Gaining some traction on the issue.  


light\'s out.PNG


Support confirmed a handful of units that had mismatch between the Welcome Code and the MAC address.  New unit is on the way.  I guess in the end it's better to happen to me than a guy off the street.  I'll keep you posted though!

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I am surprised that a company that touts IoT and takes pride in their internet connectivity has no way to re-flash the hub remotely.  Maybe I am oversimplifying things and there is hardware involved in the whole authentication piece.  Would be nice if they could explain a little bit more of what is happening and why it requires a replacement hub.



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If it was a Welcome Code VS MAC issue I would think they could update that via email without sending out a new hub. They actually don't have the MAC ID on the hub, I looked for it when I was setting up DHCP reservation (do it for all my hubs and speakers). This is probably an option, however, their support would have to walk people through pulling a MAC ID from a their router/DHCP server which would take a long time.


Dave can you pull your MAC ID and sent it to support to see if the will just give you a new welcome code? I know this is possible because they have to issue new Welcome Codes for the V1 hub if you want to use it again.


I wonder if the DHCP reservation helped me out any, I did notice without the reservation the hub did pull the same IP as the old hub even though a release was still active for the old hardware.


Try that too if you still feel like playing around with it. Put a DHCP reservation for a different IP, delete the old lease for V1 and V2 and power cycle. Then try to add the hub again, if this fails ask for a new code for you mac id.


Experiment time!  



Smartthings should have taken me up on my offer to Beta Test with a NDA.



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I just tried the new hub but I first removed my previous location and hub before starting over.  I also deleted the app off of my Nexus 6 just in case.




I got the Next button finally!  Now to setup my sensors.  

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