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Hi all -


I am a Revolv refugee and am making the move to smartthings v2 hub and an insteon bridge.


My current setup (some installed and some still to install)


12 Insteon switches

4 Zwave Plugin receptacles

2 - Nest thermostats

3 Exterior Zwave switch

Rachio irrigation

5- Sonos  

6 Bulbs w/Philips Hue

2- Insteon Motion Sensors

1 Aeon 4 way sensor


Still waiting for my ST hub to show... 


Can't wait to pull the plug on the Revolv for good.... it has become so unreliable 



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I'm moving from Vera. I am tempted to pull the trigger but hope the pairing options are easily with ST than Vera. Also don't want to go through the hassle to exclude all Zwave devices!



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