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Have Harmony Home Hub + Nest Thermostat / Want Lighting


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So, I already pulled the trigger on a Logitech Harmony Remote, which includes a "Home Hub", that supports just about every protocol imaginable. I also grabbed a Nest 3rd Gen Thermostat, which seems to play nice with the Harmony.


Now, I'm looking to add lighting to the mix, but after reading a ton of reviews, forum posts and vendor pages, my head is spinning. I'd also love to leave room for future upgrades -- shades, locks, etc...but it seems right now that it involves purchasing 19 different "hubs", then hoping they all talk to each other. It looks like Google is on it's way to an "all-in-one" with Nest, but their not past thermostats and smoke detectors yet. I suppose Apple is doing something similar on their end?


Anyway, I was leaning towards Phillips Hue. It seems like the most seamless integration with the 2 products I already own, but am I don't want to pidgin-hole myself from future upgrades, and I'm not crazy about adding yet another hub. 


It also seems that you have to choose between a "smart" bulb that is controlled by your phone, or a light controlled by a "smart wall switch". Are there any products out there that both allow a wall plate, AND a phone/smart application? In otherwords, can I set the brightness to 20% from a wall plate, then set it to 50% from a phone? Otherwise, it seems that I'll be searching for my phone/remote in the dark, or visa-versa--flipping on the wall switch so I can control stuff with my phone.


I'm sure I'm not providing enough detail, so let me know what else is needed for some recommendations. 

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I am using an Intel nuc / windows 7 (Leaving 10 a bit longer)

Using Domoticz (Domoticz.com) for control software, I am controlling and automating the following hardware and protocols:-


433 Mhz light switches, dimmers, Oregon Temperature and Humidity sensors, and relays using RFXTRX433E - USB connected.

Z-wave PIR, multisensors and door sensors using Aeon Labs Z-stick - USB connected

1-wire sensors for flow temperatures on my heating - USB connected

Milight RGB strip lighting using Wi-Fi

Relay boards for various hacked remotes and digital out signals using Ethernet

Ping, to see if any connected device like my Samsung TVs are "alive" then set lighting scenes etc.


This software also has plug-ins for Philip Hue and Applamp, Nest Thermostat, Harmony Hub, weather stations ......... and so on.


The developers have designed primarily for Raspberry Pi, but Windows, Linux are also supported with many using it on Synology devices.


The software is open source, but we'll developed, and a tinkerers dream. You can use simple timers, or the "Blockly" interface to create events. If you are a bit more advanced then Lua is built in, or the system will run PHP, Python scripts and others. (I can pause my Sonos system when the door bell rings using NodeJS)


Oh, and apart from the above, I don't have a single hub. ☺

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Thanks, that sounds like a nice all-in-one, albeit, a lot of DiY. I do have a lot of old laptops/servers lying around I could re-purpose. I like the idea of an actual PC/nuc running things. Some questions (maybe all answered on the Domoticz website, don't have access right now):


So the Z-stick lets the PC interface with Z-wave, how does the Milight fit in? What type of bulb is it controlling? 


What light-switches are you using? 


Various hacked remotes? 

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I am using z-wave or PIRs and a door sensor.

Milight is good for RGB LED Strip lights.

For light switches and dimmers Lightwaverf


But they are just my choices and what's available in the UK. Others have their preferences and availabilities. The idea is that multiple hardware platforms are supported and presented in a universal interface.


The hacked remotes are where I have a couple of devices that are not supported as they have obscure / proprietary rf protocols. So I have taken the circuit boards out of additional remotes and soldered wires to the buton pads. Then these are connected to ethernet controlled relays. The relays take simple http commands which are easily added to switches in Domoticz.


For example, when my underfloor heating comes on, a 1-wire sensor senses the water flow temperature. When this reaches a set temperature, an "event" triggers a switch that sends an http command to a relay, this operates a remote that starts a Ceiling fan to de-stratify the air in the room.

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