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How to migrate from SmartThings to Version 2 Hub.


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This looks to be the nightmare I was NOT hoping it would be.




From the ST V2 Guide:


Every device connected to your v1 Hub will have to be individually and manually reset or excluded and then connected to Hub v2. You will also have to individually and manually delete all automations and SmartApps associated with your old Hub and then rebuild these configurations for your new setup. Depending on the number of devices in your home, this process can take several hours. Set aside enough time to complete the migration from start to finish.



I have a v2 hub on the way and I'm thinking about waiting on the new app upgrade.  I'll peruse their support site a little while the new hubs are arriving to people.  I think i'll exclude all my things on the old app and then go with the new app and new hub from fresh.  I suppose there are several different ways to get this done.

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I saw them tweet a reply to a user that said they are working on a migration program that they hope to be available this fall.  Doesn't help if you want to jump in and use the new hub.  Also, I thought the new App would work with the old hub so you can still migrate to the new app.

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