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The smallest door and window sensor you have ever seen, Strips by Sensative


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Check out these door sensors.






I can't wait to try these.


Meet Strips:

Strips is the world’s thinnest magnetic sensor. So thin that it can be placed invisibly on windows and doors! 

Strips is your new window and door guard. It can notify you if you’ve left anything open or if something goes wrong and can communicate with other smarthome devices.

From the very first day we have pushed the limits of what a magnetic sensor could be. Today we are proud to present Strips, a sensor that’s less than 3 mm thick, comes with a battery life of up to ten years, and is easy to use. We believe, and several people in the industry agree, that Strips will be the next generation of magnetic sensor.

That’s why we are at Indiegogo. We need your support to make invisible sensors the new standard for windows and doors.

Support our campaign by liking, sharing and becoming one of the first Strips owners in the world.



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I immediately thought about replacement batteries, but then saw they have

an estimated 10 year battery life. 

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Looks awesome, hopefully they reach the $100k goal to be able to implement the temperature sensor version. Don't quite get if this is possible though as the in between window/frame would be different temp?

Best part is that they should have finished their development by the time I want them mid next year!

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I received these last week from the kick-starter campaign.

Now I need to find time to deploy them.

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Strips is now available in the US. Amazon has a single for $60 . http://amzn.to/2gVHRkI

Yes, it's a tad high compared to other sensors but for its size I love it.  I did a new video on Strips and put it on my front door. So much better than the big honking sensor.


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