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What is the best single home automation for the following?


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I have the following


1)  Epson Projector 5030UB

2)  Onkyo TX-NR636

3)  Philips Hue Bulbs

4)  Vivint Alarm System

5)  Thermostat - AccuLink Platinum ZV Control

6)  DirectTV

7)  Sony 3D Blu-Ray

8)  PS4

9)  Xbox One

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I don't really understand this question!  What is the best from your list?  My thoughts are that this is some type of spam post gone bad.  I'll give the op 24 hours to reply.

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My question was in reference to the best Home Automation System given the equipment I stated.  For example, I researched Control4 however it was not compatible with all my equipment.



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Lists like the original post are very similar to listing the ingredients in your pantry and asking what kind of food could be made.  The answer...it will depend on the chef.


What do you want to do with all the items listed?  What are you expectations for an Xbox, PS4, Blu-Ray player and a DirecTV box?  Do you want to sit down and press a single button and it automatically sets up everything so you can play Xbox?  Do you want to be able answer the front door from your recliner?


You may be better off determining what you want the system to do for you.

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