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Homica - The remote-controlled 'smart house' using Arduino and iPhone


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Homica is a project that thanks to a smart web platform allows to control in a remote way (using an iPhone, Apple Watch, and in the future Android too) sensors and actuators installed on the Arduino boards.

Homica not only allows to monitor our home in all its aspects through a
multitude of sensors but also to perform actions on the whole installed actuators.
Moreover, Homica is able to execute actions as results of events.
This logic will be called "Homica Profile".

Below there are just few examples of "Homica Profiles" that can be created using Homica.

  • If we are not at home and we want that the acustic alarm is activated and all the lights goes on and an email is sent when a motion sensor detect the presence of someone in the house.
  • If our garden has an humidity below a certain value, then we have to water it until the soil humidity will be a specific value.
  • If we want to be notified by email if there is a gas leak.
  • If we want that a number of lights goes on if we clap our hands once and we want to turn them off if we claps twice.
  • If we want that all the lights or some goes on or off with a simple action.
  • If we want that some lights goes on if a motion sensor detects a motion.
  • If we want that some lights goes on when night comes and off when becomes day.
  • If we want that an electric kettle and some lights goes on at a specific hour

The most interesting aspect is that we can create all the profiles we need directly
using the iPhone application called "Homica Remote" without any Hardware changes.

Complete Project Video


Homica remote-controlled by an Apple Watch Video



Homica remote-controlled by voice (Speech Recognizer)




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