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ST helping people with disabilities?


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I am moving to a new home in about a month, I have cerebral palsy and need help with most tasks.  The only things that work are my brain and my toes, which I use to type.  Human assistance is expensive and unreliable, so I am looking a ways to reduce my dependence on others.   I have a Ph.D. with an emphasis in assistive technology. I understand technology, but I am not a programmer.

I bought a WINK and two GE Smart Bulbs, but I think ST may be a better way to go.

So far, I know I will have:

2 Schlaege smart door locks
Liftmaster garage door opener with MyQ
a thermostat I can control via iPad or iPhone 6 plus

I am looking forward to getting ideas here.  I'm also curious as to how others might be using ST with people with disabilities or elderly people.



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It is a great topic.

I think some people with disabilities will benefit from speech devices like UBI and Echo. I assume that you do not have the use of your voice?

As long as you can type and push buttons, even with your toes, you can automate. These are handy to control multiple devices:


Today's presence sensors are handy:


I think wearable devices will really assist in triggering home automation as that technology matures.

Safety was big for me Smoke/CO sensors. Water/Flood sensors. Door open close sensors.

IFTTT could be a good resource for you as well.

For the elderly, presence sensors and motion sensors could be very helpful in monitoring.

I experiment with a lot of stuff and this is a very interesting topic. Let us know how we can help.

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I signed up for ATT DIGITAL LIFE.   I am curious how to use ST without doubling up.  i have a motion sensor, smoke alarm, 2 door sensors, YALE lock.  I uninstalled the Schlaege my builder put in.   I didn't like it and it didn't have an app or z-wave.


I wounder if I could use IFITTT as a "help I have fallen" solution, if i have my phone within reach at all times.

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