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CastleOS - World's First and Only Whole-Home Voice Control System


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Hello everyone! We came across this community and saw you were discussing voice control systems, but hadn't discovered CastleOS yet! Hopefully you don't mind us joining the conversation :) CastleOS is a mature and powerful home automation platform that supports many different (and competing) protocols, and features the world's first and only whole home voice control system! 


CastleOS is the only system that allows you to speak out loud to your house - and for your house to verbally respond to your questions. Unlike other systems, there is no app to open, prompt to give, or button to press, to give a voice command. Simply speak out loud any natural language command like, "house, turn on the living room chandelier", or "house turn on the tv", and many, many, others. There are hundreds of thousands of potential commands you can give, simply put there is no other system like it.


And here's the best part - CastleOS is 100% free to use forever with up to 10 smart devices (licenses available after 10). CastleOS will grow with you as you develop your smart home!

Here's a video of CastleOS being featured on the Discovery Channel:



And here is a teaser of our most recent voice feature, the ability to control coloring change LEDs by simply naming a color: 



Please let us know if you have any questions, and we hope you come check us out!!




Thank you!!


-The CastleOS Team

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