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Nuimo Smart Home Interface


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This looks interesting.  It's Nuimo made by a company in Berlin called senic.  Nuimo is a controller for your connected "things."




It's Bluetooth Low Energy and doesn't have any other radios inside. I'm a SmartThings guy so you would think this would be a problem right?  Here is what caught my eye.  


Apps can be updated through your smartphone or computer and you can reconfigure

the controls of the nuimo to suit your interests. Currently, nuimo has 30+ applica-
tions and integrations available - a number that is rapidly growing thanks to a com-
mitted developer community. Because nuimo is freely programmable building appli-
cations for the controller is simple. More info about developing for the nuimo can be 
found on the Senic website and blog.


This is one of the reasons I like SmartThings so much.  There is a freedom to create within the platform.  The Nuimo looks like it will add to creativity in our "Internet of Things."  Don't forget that Bluetooth has also been mentioned as a feature to be included in SmartThings Hub Version 2.


Server shares.jpg


Look at all those awesome services and devices. I'm already envisioning things to do with the Nuimo!  Lastly, the pricing is not bad at all. The KickStarter was priced at $101 USD but sadly those are all taken.  The good news about that is the project is fully funded with 29 days to go as of this writing.  You can get your Nuimo at $122 today.  That is a good price for a multi-function device.


Check out Nuimo. The site has a couple of videos that are cool.   I'm hoping it's a hit. The link to the project is below.  





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