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Can somebody help me with this


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First I'm a newbie to all the HA business, but since I was a little boy, a proud geek. I've decided being a pc/network technician with programming skills and kind of bored doing the same old, to change my profession slowly to HA.

Also because I always was a DIY guy.


Now I want to put up a system of different parts and combine them into a single system. It should, if possible be locally attached, so it doesn't speak with any company and my data stays home. Also because I want to program an App that controls the whole system at the end. That's why I try to relay on open source. So if you don't get bored reading, I'd really love some replies to parts of the idea or the whole system. Especially since it's my first post here.


So let's start.


! Basic Settings !




1 Hallway, no window

3 Bedrooms, each 1 window total of 3 windows

1 Living Room, 2 windows

1 Kitchen , 1 window

1 Bathroom, 1 window, but no shades needed.


Each room will have a wall mounted Android Tablet running my App. No light switches will be installed. The cost difference for a good switch, to an Android tablet is not that high and with a tablet you have much more possibilities.


Each room has different LED Bulbs controlled by Z-Wave controller, see Lighting.


Each door will have 2 motion detectors, 1 at the inside and one on the outside, to differentiate if a door is closed or if somebody moved through, see Sensors.


In the master bedroom and living room will be RGBW LEDs installed, as light effect, see Lighting.



1. Video Surveillance.


I'd like to use Zoneminder http://www.zoneminder.comas it gives me the possibility to use a variety of different camera types which I can access over a web front end and integrate it in a app which controls the whole system. It supports x.10 and motion detection.

Free (see Backplane for Server costs)





Instar IN-6012HD WLAN


1 Camera 179.50$, 2 Set 350.90$, 3 Set 524.10$

German Store

1 Camera 159.99€, 2 Set 311.99€, 3 Set 465.99€

I'll need 5 cameras. 875$



Instar IN-7011HD WLAN Pan & Tilt Outdoor Dome Camera


1 Camera 336.29$, 2 Set 661,31$

German Store

1 Camera 299.99€, 2 Set 588.00€

I'll need 2 of these. 661.31$


Please suggest other cameras with prices and link! They are good, but expensive.



2. Telephony


Gonna be a Asterisk server http://www.asterisk.orgfor my landline, which also supports video telephony. Through SIP I can use also any mobile os and excepting any call to my landline through my smartphone. And be able to build my own video conference with unlimited software based users (users are limited by the hardware configuration, see Server)

Free (see Backplane for Server costs)



3. Audio


I'm planning a sound system with Hubs for:


a) Media Center Hub Atmos, which supports cable bound passive speakers, wireless active speakers, either over wifi or rf. Don't like to use Bluetooth.

The hub should support Dolby Atmos, an integrated webradio, UPnP, multiple digital inputs for tv etc. and should be able to be integrated with existing audio equipment.


B) Party Room Hub, a standard audio player but with 1000W output for speakers and multiple channels for different speaker sets.


c) Multiroom Hub, a stereo hub to connect groups of speakers through a Room Controller (see next). Supporting the possibility to control each Room Controller separate, group them or control all of them (needed for a house party for example). Through integrated web radio or connected NAS/PC, stream music to each Room Controller or group.

Through motion detection, also recognize where somebody is and let the music follow him automatically.


d) Room Controller, connect active speakers directly or passive speakers through a build in amplifier via wifi or Ethernet to the Multiroom Hub. Bluetooth and build in microphone should be used to pair with cell as hands free to talk freely in the room.

Also if possible have a noise canceling algorithm, so the system understands commands while playing music.

Each Hub by itself will also work as Room Controller, so you could also chain them.


Prices will be edited once I designed the system. Also the speakers are by choice and must be calculated extra.



4. Voice Recognition


I'm planning on using CMU Sphinx http://cmusphinx.sourceforge.netand want through the integrated mics in the room controllers be able to control the system.


Free (see Backplane for Server costs)



5. Central Hub


I like to give openHAB http://www.openhab.org/index.htmla try as central hub, since it supports a variety of different devices and protocols. Important for me is the support for Asterisk, Daikin Air Conditioning and Samsung Tv. Connected to Z-Wave by the Z-Wave.Me UZBWAY http://www.z-wave.me/index.php?id=28

This if possible should run on an Intel Edison, if not NUC or on the server. Has to be tested. Will edit price once I got everything running.

UZB ~50$



6. Lights


NEWSTYLE Waterproof IP65 RGBW LED Strip Lights 5050 SMD RGB Cool white Mixed Color LED Strip Lighting 5M 300LEDs LED Roll



I'll need 4 of these for 2 ceiling effects makes 75.92$.


E-accexpert® 10m RGBW Extension Cable Line 5 Color for RGBW LED Strip 5050 ribbon rgb Warm White Cord 5pin Wire 33ft



I'll need 2 of these for 2 ceiling effects makes 59.96.


Fibaro Z-Wave RGBW Controller Model FGRGB-101



And 2 of these for 2 ceiling effects makes 139.96$.


2 ceiling effects make 275.84$.


Aeon Labs Aeotec DSC27103-ZWUS Z-Wave Micro Illuminator In-Wall Light Dimmer




I'll need 9 of these (master bed and living room need 2), makes 343.26$.



7. Sensors


Fibaro Z-Wave Motion Sensor



I'll need 9, this makes 539.91$.

1 in each room and 2 outside in try a place with ceiling.


FIBARO z-wave flood sensor.



I'll need 2, makes 119.98$.

1 in the basement and 1 in the bathroom.


First Alert Z-Wave Combination Photoelectric Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm



I'll need 9, makes 359.73$.

1 in each room and 2 in the basement.



8. Air Conditioner


With the KKRP01A Online Controller

http://www.onlinecontroller.eu/en/home/?_bl=wfqudmany Daikin Air Conditioners can be controlled see if yours supported here http://www.onlinecontroller.eu/media/downloads/List-of-compatible-INDOOR-and-OUTDOOR-units-4.pdf




9. Window Covering


Discount Motorized Roller Shades



Starting at 287.75$

Mine will be 6 pcs. at 60" x 48" for 2453.85$ which makes 408.98$ a piece


Fibaro Roller Shutter 2


6 x 69.99$ = 419.94$


I need 1 in each of the 3 bedrooms, 1 in the kitchen and 2 in the living room.


Very expensive almost 3,000$ for window covering!!! So I would like if possible (further research needed), buy shades and modify them with a electro motor and maybe a Arduino Shield, to connect them.


10. Heating


Danfoss Living Connect Z radiatorthermostat RA&K (LC-13)


74.07$ (66€)

I'll need 8, makes 592.56$.

1 in each room, except living room needs 2.


11. Backplane




Thinkmate RAX XF2-1130V3-SH


Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1220 v3 3.10GHz 8MB Cache (80W)

Intel® C222 Chipset - Dual Intel® Gigabit Ethernet

2 x 8GB PC3-12800 1600MHz DDR3 Unbuffered ECC

Thinkmate® RAX-1302-SH 1U Chassis - 2x Fixed SATA/SAS - 350W Single Power

2.0TB SATA 6.0Gb/s 7200RPM - 3.5" - Western Digital RE WD2000FYYZ

Intel® Ethernet Server Adapter I350-T2V2 Dual Port (2x RJ-45)

APC Smart-UPS 1000VA LCD 120V - 2U Rackmount

No Windows Operating System (Hardware Warranty Only, No Software Support)

Thinkmate® Three Year Warranty with Advanced Parts Replacement and RSL





Netgear Nighthawk x6 R8000





Netgear ProSafe 8Pt Gb PoE Smart




Z-Wave Repeater:

2 x Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Range Extender/Repeater (DSD37-ZWUS)


2x 25$ = 50$



Standard Cat6 cables



12. Miscellaneous Expanses


Count some extra costs for plugs, etc. because always something is missing.



13. Costs


1. 875.00$ + 661.31$ = 1536.31$

2. Free

3. Not determined yet.

4. Free

5. 50.00$

6. 275.84$ + 343.26$ = 619.10$

7. 539.91$ + 119.98$ + 359.73$ = 1,019.62$

8. 300$ (plus the air conditioner)

9. 2453.85$ + 419.94$ = 2,873.79$

10. 592.56$

11. 1994.00$ + 280.00$ + 184.00$ + 50$ = 2,508.00$

12. 100.00$


13. Total System Costs


!!! 9,599.38$ !!!





I know there is still work to be done, but before I move ahead I would like to hear your suggestions.


How I have the configuration planned, I gonna post later on. Also any changes or future developments will be posted here so stay tuned and please replay.

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Interesting post, looks like you have done a ton of research.

I would break these down into individual section and hopefully you will get more feedback.

The one overall observation I would make is, have you tested/tried any of these pieces?

I have found that I need to try things to see if they work or if I like the way they work. This could be anything from sensors to light bulbs.


For voice recoginition you should also look at UBI. They are going to take their tech and embed it in other products.

For music around the house I went the easy route with Sonos. There many other networked music products hitting the market from Pioneer and Denon. If you do it yourself, try to use a common core so there is a standard around your product.


For your centeral connection you will need to have connectivity for Z wave, this may help:


I think you need to consider being able to talk to BlueTooth devices. It appears Apple will be supporting BlueTooth LE and that will drive sensor for BlueTooth.


I like the tablet in each room idea. there are a bunch of android tablets at or around the same price as a good dimmable switch. I would also consider using wearable tech as a trigger for your system. As you enter a room the info from your wearable sets the options for that room.


For sensors I have had good luck with Aeon labs:



For your WiFi I really prefer having the router and WAP separate to allow more flexibility in placement.


Smoke/CO detector First Alert ZCombo.


I recommend listening to the Home On podcast, lots of good info there.


Thanks for the links you included, lots of interesting tech.

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Thanks for the replay.


I was thinking about breaking it apart, but then I decided against it. Mostly because I wanted to show the whole system. But after your advice I gonna break it down and put a reference to here.


I will have a look at UBI, but I have a already experience with CMU Sphinx, so it is the logical choice for me. But if UBI works better I'm always open to change.


One of my problems is, that I don't like proprietary devices. That's why I want to design my audio myself and put it under open license. Of course I will try to keep a single core concept. That this still needs more research and part ordering. Like you said you have to build one to be sure it works the way you want.


For the Z-Wave connectivity I wanted to get my hands on one of the Z-Wave.me sticks but I guess the Aeotec will do just fine.


Bluetooth connection will be integrated in the audio room controllers, since I couldn't find any Bluetooth receivers which I could connect to the network. Do you know of any???


Considering your advice, and like you saw, I put a lot of Aeotec devices. But the design is also an important factor to me and I don't like some of theres.


Nice idea with the wearables!!! I have to check how to implement it. Have absolutely no experience with them. Do you know of any good tutorial or book?


Considering you advice concerning the router, I actually agree being a network technician. But since this router has 2 5GHz modules and the house is a small 1 level house with neighbors close by I decided against it. If needed I can attach a AP to the RJ45 I have in the garden.


I think I choose the smoke detector you mention. If not could you provide a link to the one you mean.


Also thanks for the podcast info mostly appreciated.



!!!!!!!!Thank you for your reply!!!!!!!!!!


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