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Its a 2 story house , so the first thing I did was do a security assement and determine what is vulnerable and what what needs or is worth protecting. Here is my list

  • Front door             (deadbolt/ Camera)
  • Front window         (open/close/glass break)
  • garage door           ( open/close/ camera)
  • kitchen window      (open/close/glass break)
  • Patio door             (open/close/glass break)
  • back window          (open/close/glass break)
  • right side window.  (open/close/glass break)

Since those are the only entry points to a solid cinder block first floor, those are the areas that I would like to secure. For the upstairs windows, I am not doing anything about them, because if you come though those windows then you are on a mission. Because the home is preexisting I can't do a lot of hard-wiring, but I will do it for some areas.

  • For lighting I am going with UPB
  • Whole house audio
  • Ac control
  • some appliance control (coffee maker/ Stove)
  • Sprinkler system
  • Alarm system I want to go HAI Omnipro. Can any one give me feedback on how reliable it is.
  • smoke /Co detection
  • water leak detection

I am running 2 cat6 cables to everyroom (4) for video. I am looking at Homeseer or CastleOS as my controller system. I am also working a a budget of a total of 5k for this stuff so that means classified/ebay and begging (lol).


Guys I really appreciate any knowledge or advice that you are wiling to impart me with.


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I have not used HomeSeer, but it looks like it is compatible with Z-wave.

I used Schlage locks and deadbolts. They are Z-wave and have worked very well.

Being that I am on SmartThings, I tend to use their multi-sensor for door open/close notifications. For a cleaner look I may try these, where possible: http://aeotec.com/hidden-z-wave-door-sensor

In general I have had good luck with Aeotec sensors: http://aeotec.com/homeautomation

Do you have a basement? These are very good floor drain sensors: 


These are good for other leak detection: http://fortrezz.com/index.php/products/water-sensors

For my garage door I used one of these for the switches: http://www.evolvecontrols.com/devices/control-devices/fixture-module and this for the open/close:  http://store.homeseer.com/store/Ecolink-TILT-ZWAVE2-Garage-Door-Tilt-Sensor-P1786.aspx

I am using Nest for thermostat, but I would tell you to look at Ecobee: http://shop.ecobee.com/?gclid=Cj0KEQjw4LaqBRD60pfSn43ZwLQBEiQAJv5FLNQgjIlbLagH7s0DJ892PDRxBGjCvbNX_oqUavg62CsaAvss8P8HAQ

For Smoke/CO I use Nest Protect and First Alert ZCOMBO.

Music around the house is Sonos. 

I have bought a lot of HA stuff on ebay. Quantity discounts help.

I have posted most of what I have done on this web site. Let me know if you have other questions.

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You get a sensor for both the doors and windows. They come in two pieces. One fits onto the door and the other will attach itself to the frame. The adhesive present at the back would usually keep the sensors in place but then you could also screw them directly onto the frame. You could position the two pieces of the sensors right next to each other because they interact. When the two pieces are separated they would signal an alarm. I got these sensors from a home security monitoring services based in Toronto called Canadian security professionals.

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