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Eve - Smart Irrigation is back on Kickstarter!


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It's back for another run and the goal was set much lower this time.  This one will get funded and is selling out quickly.


Eve - Smart Irrigation Controller & Moisture Sensors is popular on http://kck.st/1QUBivm


I funded it and if you have SmartThings you should too.

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Eve just sent out and email about some of their testing.  This Automatic sprinkler system has a second piece to it called an "Adam" Moisture Sensor.  This sensor is pushed into the ground around your yard and reports back on the moisture level.  Really cool stuff.  The founders did destruction testing with the sensors and reported back to founders.  Back this product to learn more!  http://kck.st/1QUBivm


If you have SmartThings and an automatic irrigation/sprinkler system you need to be backing this KickStarter.  Good news is that they are fully funded and will ship this summer.


I met with the creator at CES and got hands on with the gear. It's real and I'm personally backing so I can get my hands on it! Can't wait.

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