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Kudos to SmartThings


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Recieved my SmartThings yesterday as well as other parts for this weekends projects.  Currently have the hub active and 1 SmartSensor plus phone.   I am sure this is because I bought off of their website instead of a vendor like amazon to save the sales tax but woke up to this email from what i assume is an individual tech.


Hi Bryan,

I noticed your SmartThings shipment was recently delivered. I just wanted to reach out and offer a hand in case you needed any assistance during the setup process, or beyond.

When you’re getting started for the first time, the app should walk you through what to do, but feel free and check out this video on setting up and activating your SmartThings Hub for a quick look at how to get up and running. If however, you previously explored the SmartThings app and backed out of the setup process, no worries just follow these steps and you’ll have your hub activated in no time.

Once you’ve gotten going, feel free and explore the rest of the Welcome to SmartThings section of our knowledgebase. Should you need any help you’ll find lots of useful information in our Troubleshooting section.

But of course I am happy to help personally! Just let me know how I can be of assistance.





It is so nice to have a company reach out to consumer end users on a product that for alot is confusing and can easily overwhelm people  Especially given the openness that smartthings brings compared to say Nexia which you can only use their approved devices on the network at a cost of 100 per year.

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