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Making the transition to Smartthings this weekend


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Made the dive into smartthings this weekend. I still need to order 2 FS20z as I move from a rockwall scada system using leftover things from work. Also possible moving to a zwave thermostat from a wifi depending on what i can do from IFTTT.

So far order the hub, 2 smart sensors, 1 keyfob, 1 moisture sensor from smartthings. Also have 2 zwave ac outlet adapters from schlage kits from work.


Goals from the current item list are as follows

1. Garage Door Alert if left open without mine or spouses phone near by or if sons phone has been in house more than 30 min. With remote close option (Smartsensor and FS20z)

2. Pet outside gate (Keyfob)

3. Petdoor with FS20z and Fob or maybe motion

4. Water Sensor under sink (our disposal floats and has dislodge p trap before so early warning detector)

5. Wife home alert (M-F)

6. Dryer off Alert via smartsensor

Would use something for local datacenter monitoring but the AP9631 in my UPS handles my enviornments with front temp and huminity and rear temp and reports into Schneider Electric Data Center Expert.

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