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Considering Leaving ST For Vera


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Blutak I have most of those things in ST.


They do have a web interface developers.smartthings.com. You can add apps and code there to customize and they have a good forum of people doing that.


I think the smartapps is a simpler way to handle time delays, what to turn on and the other things you mention. I prefer the interface to Vera's clunky scenes.


My IP cams are managed by Blue Iris which is simply the best cam program out there and integrates via code with ST to change schedules in BI. BI is light years ahead of why can be done in Vera.


I have my harmony remote (wifi to rf hub) in ST, lights go on on schedule of time sunrise/set etc with delays, again that is all in the smartapp which is quite detailed.


Having a great app (although limited in troubleshooting) is my fav part of ST. Not having local control and easily seeing logs and troubleshoot or getting support is what I dislike about it.



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