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Power Supply for an Ecolink sensor Question


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Hey Engineer Type Folks,


I have a power question for you.  I have an idea to mount a couple of these sensors in a central location instead of putting them on each individual window or door.  I chose this switch because it has a wired input on the board.  I was able to pull the wires from my alarm panel and put it on this sensor and get a door to trip it. 




The sensor has ha 3 Volt battery.  It's a CR123A Lithium battery.  Naturally, if I put these all in one spot I would like to power them without batteries and then put a UPS behind that power supply.  I don't know where to look in order to get started.  Also, if I need to make modifications to the power supply or cut some wires I want to make the best guess possible for the first test.


How many switches? I don't know yet honestly.  I am having trouble finding wiring for some windows. Could be 5 to 10 sensors.  


Maybe I check Radio Shack on their last few days left in business?

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The batteries for these are 1500mAh and they say they will last fro 3 years. so power draw would be very low. I would start with one of these:



If you need more power:



and a step down converter 12v to 3v.

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