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Almond+ Router As Home Automation Hub


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Yeah. I've been listening to that same podcast for the last month or two... He's a little hard to understand at times, because he often talks very quickly and has a slight slur in his speech (I was looking all over the web trying to figure out what this "smart walk" technology he kept harping on was, it took me 2 or 3 episodes to figure out he was actually saying "smart lock"), but it's overall a pretty interesting and informative podcast on the subject.


I heard that same episode about the Almond Plus. It's a pretty darn cool idea. It's a Wi-Fi router with built in z-wave and zigbee radios, and it's got a touch screen. I'm guessing you can use the screen to control some of the smart home stuff, but the main thing is that you can manage the router's settings from standing at the router instead of logging in to the gateway via a connected computer, and you can view your Wi-Fi password on it, too, for people that tend to forget that.


Currently I our network is running through a rock-solid Asus router, I think with a custom DD-WRT OS or something loaded on it. It's actually my brother's, as he's living with us and wanted to splurge a little when our WRT-54G started dying a while back. So when he moves out (possibly someday soon), I might look into something like this with built-in automation protocols. Or just the basic one that just has the touch screen... I'm wondering if anybody knows if there's any point to having redundancy with the wireless home automation stuff. By which, I mean, I have a Wink hub (which I plan to get working this weekend) which also supports zigbee and z-wave. So would there be any point at all in getting a router with the same, unless I was deciding not to go with a specific "ecosystem" and getting rid of my Wink hub?

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