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Pairing UBI to SmartThings


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I'm having some trouble adding my SmartThings to my UBI so I thought I would document my journey.


I have followed the instructions in the portal to add SmartThings and I have added my hub and allowed it access to a single lamp module. Clicked Authorize. Here is what I see:


Possible CSRF detected - state parameter was present but no state could be found


I get nothing else beyond this.  In the portal I don't have my lamp module listed. I tried the Deny/Re-Add routine. Nothing.  I tried removing UBI from my SmartThings IDE. Nothing.

Uninstall UBI SmartApp

You have to do this through the ST ide at http://graph.api.smartthings.com

Click on locations
Click on you location's name
All the way at the bottom click on List SmartApps
Up at the top, under the location's banner click edit
Down towards the bottom under Other, click uninstall next to UBI


Nothing.  I'll keep digging!


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