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In Q2 of this year, we’ll begin selling the next generation of the SmartThings Hub and sensors.

unnamed.jpgThe new SmartThings Hub includes a more powerful processor and local app engine, built-in backup battery power, and expanded cellular connectivity. This will enable SmartThings to continue operating in the event of a power or Internet outage.

The new Hub also expands connectivity options to include additional wireless protocols such as Bluetooth Smart, providing customers with the widest range of devices supported by any smart home platform.

We’re also updating our family of sensors with modified versions of the SmartSense Presence, SmartSense Motion, and SmartSense Multi sensors. At roughly one-third the size of our first-generation devices, the new SmartSense Motion sensor and SmartSense Multi sensor pack all of the power of SmartThings’ current devices, while offering a more minimal presence in your smart home.  And the new SmartSense Presence sensor features a more durable and compact plastic enclosure.

New Optional Premium Service


We’re also launching an optional premium service that will offer customers advanced incident management control, and improved home monitoring through DVR video streaming.

This new service enables SmartThings customers to automatically send a text to or call friends, neighbors, or loved ones they pre-select whenever a problem is detected that needs immediate attention–such as a flood or fire. Customers will be able to grant trusted contacts access to their smart devices so that these friends or neighbors will be automatically notified of a problem requiring attention at the customer’s home, and also able to easily resolve it.

The premium service will also allow customers the option to see what’s happening inside their home 24/7 by offering live DVR video captured by SmartThings-compatible cameras. Customers can keep track of activity happening in certain areas of their home, or opt to receive video clips whenever certain events take place in or around their home.

New Integrations on the Open Platform

A plethora of new devices will soon join the many connected products that already work on SmartThings’ open platform. These include:

• Netgear and D-Link cameras

• Somfy window shades

IMG_3020.png• Racchio water irrigation system

• Chamberlain garage door openers

• August locks

• Weatherbug climate data

• Samsung smart appliances

In the next few days, we’re also set to release a new app that enables customers to control their homes directly from a Gear S watch. The app allows users to trigger Hello, Home actions through a simple tap of the screen, or by speaking a phrase–such as “I’m home!” or “Goodbye!”–into the watch.

With a more powerful Hub that can stay connected during power or Internet outages, smaller sensors, an optional premium service that gives customers greater home monitoring access, and the addition of a roster of popular devices to our ecosystem, we remain committed to building an open smart home platform that puts consumers and developers first.

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This is a great second version of the SmartThings Hub.  Mine is already on a battery backup but the cellular connection is sorely needed. The only thing left to worry about is making sure ST HQ stays up and running.

I'm not convinced about a premium service that allows you to text a neighbor?  If there is an emergency I would much rather talk to my neighbor on the phone and/or let them in the house via smart lock if needed.  Rather than trust they get the text and actually act upon it.  I'll take a look when the service arrives but that is my first thought.


Just Samsung watches? How about Android wear in general?  Sprinkler control is great and I hope this is not the only controller that ST integrates with in the future. Cameras! Woohoo!  D-Link officially out of the box? About time really.  This is after I have created a surveillance system with a Synology NAS that can be triggered via SmartThings.  Oh well.  Hopefully, ST will not make this only a premium service but It looks like this is the direction they are headed.


Final take on the new announcement.  I like the new hub, not the premium services for a fee.  Let's see how it compares to Lowe's Iris and others.

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