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Anyone using custom dashboards or widgets for SmartThings?


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Just curious if anyone is customizing dashboards or widgets for their SmartThings setup.  I have a couple of goals for 2015 and SmartThings is officially "on the clock."  If I can make something simple with a dashboard for the rest of the family I'll keep it. 


I'm looking for a panel.  Like this:  http://community.smartthings.com/t/home-automation-dashboard/


There is also a guy doing an Android widget that might be worth a try.  http://sharptools.boshdirect.com/installation-instructions


There is also a couple of Alarm Systems for SmartThings that I might try.  Allows for grouping of sensors.

Lastly, I'll want to integrate video surveillance into the picture. I've done some testing and have a preliminary plan.


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I was thinking of picking up a reverb 1st gen nexus 7 to try out that first dashboard you linked. I don't know if I'll go quite so far as putting them "on the clock". I am quite disappointed in a lot of there software as of late.

Have you joined any of there Dev conferences?


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