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A home automation system below $670


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Is it possible to put together a simple home automation system for around 540 EUR / 420 GBP / 670 USD ?


What I need is a highly configurable and most importantly reliable system. It's ok if I need to do a bit of programming (I have some experience with VBA, PHP, Java, Python and new programming langugages doesn't scare me), but can't use a lot of time for programming. It should be possible to make actions based on multiple variables and priorities. The system should be based on european electrical plugs.


It should cover a 200 square meter / 2150 square foot house in two levels.


I don't care about the future prospects/standard of the system, as it's going to be a temporary system, until something better hits the market.


What I need is:

1 Control unit
1 Wireless switch
3 wireless indoor thermometers
5 electrical plugs around 3000 Watt max load


The system should be expandable with door sensors.


If it's possible within the budget, the system should be Internet controllable.


These I've ruled out:
MiCasaVerde - Largely abandoned by the company and last update left costumers with a product that is basically not working.
Smart Things - No European version.
Ninja Blocks - I believe that the range isn't good and the system is hard to get.
Fibaro HomeCenter 2 - Not possible within the budget.

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It might be worth mentioning that Vera announced their new product called the VeraEdge literally a couple hours ago. I think it would fit your needs and is not abandoned yet ;) Here is a picture of it - not a real beauty but it should do the job :)





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