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Important features in HA


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Hi everybody!


I was just wondering which features of the HA systems currently on the market you all think are the most important.  If you don't have a particular feature in mind, your favorite system works too.  I have been interested in HA for quite some time now, just found this forum.  The reason I ask is a friend of mine and I are toying around with building our own system and aren't sure what to include in it.

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I think you are getting the cart in front of the horse.  Are you planning on making your system compatible with any of the other systems on the market (interoperability)?  You have to start with a foundation (control system) before you can start adding features.  Have you already decided what technology, hardware or approach that you would use to build the foundation for your system?  Are you planning to have it run locally in a home or from the cloud?


I think there is a lot of other up front planning that you would need to do before considering what features to include.

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Thanks for the response!  You definitely bring up some good points.  We have already started building the foundation. In the future we definitely plan on making the system compatible with other systems on the market, especially systems that are focused on devices that are hard to make on our own (door locks and thermostats for example).  The local/cloud question is definitely something I would love your opinion on.  Is local use important to you just in case your internet is down? Or for the sake of protecting your data from service providers? Or would you rather have the extra processing power of a cloud-based system?


For anybody else who is interested in what we are doing or would like to give us some input, here is a link to our page: http://lnc.hr/x6aV4

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1. Determine what you want your system to be able to do today.

2. Identify the senors or devices that will be needed to support functions detailed in 1.

3. Choose a hub that supports all of the devices you choose in 2. and gives you the features to automate.

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