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Hi all, very new to intra House home automation software and would like to know how to simply automatically lock my door if my kids forget to lock it.

So in a logic sense.

If door has been unlocked for 15 minutes

Lock the door

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Most automated door locks use z- wave and are connected to a hub. But many locks have some features that are programmed directly on the lock.

For example I have set my Schlage touchscreen locks to auto lock.  This is not 15 minutes but is 1 minute and the amount of time does not seem to be programmable. 

At one point I had the hub send mean email every time a lock was opened, But that was just too much notification.  And I also have a bedtime activity that locks the doors (whether they were already locked or not.  


What you want is to find a Hub that has a feature that allows a delayed trigger.  Something like if motion is detected turn on light for 15 minutes.  If it can do that it can probable be made to lock the locks 15 minutes after being unlocked.


Good luck

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