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How to control ONE switch cheaply


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I'm new to home automation, and I need a little guidance. I have a detached garage with a flood light mounted on it. The flood light is controlled from a switch inside the garage. I want to control it from a switch inside the house instead, so that when I take my dog out at night I can light up the yard before I let her out. This is all I want to do right now, and I have next to no money to do it with.

How do I accomplish this simply and cheaply? Insteon and Z-wave seem to require a controller that is expensive and complicated, and I know nothing about intraHouse.

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Look for something like this remote switch http://www.lowes.com/pd_497084-85538-BL-6138-WH_0__?productId=4757583&cm_mmc=SCE_PLA-_-RoughPlumbingElectrical-_-HomeAutomationAndMultmedia-_-4757583&CAWELAID=320011480000364597&kpid=4757583&CAGPSPN=pla&k_clickID=5bf8e477-01ba-d9c8-5bd3-00004cb7921d&kpid=4757583


You didn't say where you are from or what the distance was.  What I posted above may not be suitable but it give you an ideal.


BTW, you also didn't define cheaply.  Does this mean $20? $100? Free?

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there have been a few deals recently, were if you buy two automation products you get the hub for free, HomeDepot and Staples?

You could put a automated switch in the garage and use the app to turn it on and off,

How far is the garage from the house?

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