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Setting up the Microsoft Store INSTEON Starter Kit


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I picked up a starter kit for $199 and wanted to put a few notes down as I go through the install. 


The pamphlet in the box says to install via app and that was easy enough.  I created an account and it presented me with 2 setup scenarios. Install Hub or install camera. I chose hub.


The first step is to plug in to a wall outlet, not a power strip.  But? Power strips dominate every outlet in my house!  How about a UPS?


A CAT 5 cable with a ferrite core noise suppression magnet was included.  Another CAT 5 cable without it.  I assume, i install the core one on the hub, core end closest to hub.


The app found the hub and configured it. It also asks if you want access just at home or from remote as well.  It gives you the port that you will need to forward to the hub once you make its IP address static of course.  It also has a guide on most popular home routers.


Very quick and simple.  Now ready for devices.  


I chose a lamp module. Plugged in with a light attached and the hub squawked a chirp.  Press and hold the button on the lamp module and both the module and hub chirped and the app found the module and added it. All in just a few seconds.  On/Off commands are very quick.


Camera time.  It loads a video that shows you how to set it up.  Ethernet first. There is a "Find Camera Automatically" option and a "Manual Setup" option.  Tapping "Automatically" pops a message and tells me to ensure camera is connected to WiFi.  That's not the automatic i was thinking but I hit ok and it found it via Ethernet. Now setup a login and password.

Next, it asks whether to use wifi or ethernet.  I'll stick with Ethernet for now.  After about 30 seconds it was successful.  The camera then went through it's startup routine.


Time for the motion sensor.  Put the battery in. Instructions said to press and hold set button until LED lights up.  The set button is inside the battery compartment and pretty obvious.  The LED flashes through the motion sense windows.  Press set again to get it to double flash.  The hub squawked! Hit next and it's done. Very simple.


This was easy and fun.  Now I'll dig in and see if I can get everything working together!

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