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I also participated in the indigogo campaign and didn't receive the product yet. Are you doing anything about it?

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They have not shipped anything.  They changed the whole thing and will not ship a touch router/controller now but they have partnered with a router manufacturer, microtic, and will ship all backers a good router.  When the router is ready to ship they are supposed to give us a chance to request a refund.  I backed this just because it looked interesting.  They are now going forward with a software play.  I'll see what the microtic router can do but probably just get a refund.

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Check out this blog post.  http://www.soapapp.us/#!Soap-Press-Release-12815/cixn/F0DDD57C-0BBA-4DD0-BF0F-12153363BBAD


Short version, the founder had drug problems and filed bankruptcy.  The blog post states that he has recovered from his addiction and, as mentioned above, is now focusing on a software product.  


I don't absolutely need a new router, but if a good deal came up I would get one.  It is especially interesting with the home automation pieces built in.


Looks like the indiegogo site below is the most recent iteration.  The fundraising closed on February 19, 2015.  One of the options did include a custom router.



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