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Ceiling fans with wireless connection


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I have three fans in my house that the previous owner wired up for wired switches.  They also have IR remotes.


The current switches are:



I have have been thinking of making them part of my z-wave set up and there are products to do so if you already have the wiring in the wall



The other approach I have considered is some more generic IR Transmitter

like this:


But it only works with Insteon and not my Staples Connect does not have Insteon

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Here is some info from BA they sent in a email:


Thank you for inquiring about the Haiku fan. The Haiku fans can work with the home automation system, but only to turn the fan on/off. In order to control the exact settings on the fan, you have to use the remote. Below is more information about the fan. I have also attached a fact sheet discussing the SenseME technology we currently have available.



Haiku is the reinvention of ceiling fans.

·         Dubbed “world’s quietest fan” by Popular Mechanics

·         World’s most efficient ceiling fan, earning top 10 ENERGY STAR rankings

·         Hand balanced to ensure fan never wobbles or rattles

·         Available with premium, handcrafted airfoils

o   Sustainable Moso bamboo in caramel or cocoa finishes

o   Durable, glass-infused matrix composite with three coats of automotive grade paint (black or white)


·         Haiku bamboo- $995

·         Haiku matrix composite- $895

·         SenseME- $150 (Lead Time is 8 weeks)

·         Patented LED module - $95

·         RF Wall Control - $175


·         One 60” Haiku fan is adequate for a 20’ X 20’ closed area (four walls and a ceiling)

o   Our 52” model is best suited for 15’ X 15’ areas or smaller.

·         Multiple Haiku fans should be spaced in 12’ centers for indoor use and 10’ centers for outdoor use.  The ideal height of the bottom of your fan is between 7’ and 12’ above the finished floor.

Optional LED Module

·         The GEN 2 light delivered about 1200 lumens (about one 75 watt light bulb)

·         The Gen 2 light is at 2700 kelvin temperature (warm, yellow light)

·         Both lights have 16 unique brightness settings

SenseME (Lead time is 8 weeks)

·         Revolutionary technology now available with Haiku featuring an array of sensors and on-board computer

·         SenseME knows when you enter or leave a space, turning on and off Haiku automatically.

·         The technology also monitors the room conditions, adjusting fan speed when conditions change (i.e., lowering fan speed overnight so you don’t wake up cold).

·         SenseME learns your comfort preferences, making those speed adjustments personalized to what you find comfortable. 

·         Haiku with SenseME is Made in the USA

·         Additional SenseME features include:

o   An smartphone app for full manual control of the speed, light or unique modes

o   Precise scheduling of the fan, light or modes

o   Customizable morning alarm, including Gradual Awake mode which gently elevates the fan speed and light setting for a more pleasant wake-up

o   Grouping, so multiple fans in once space can operate in harmony

o   Whoosh, a proprietary algorithm that mimics a natural breeze to make you feel up to 40% cooler

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Looks like the latest version of the Haiku, the Haiku L-series includes support for use with Amazon Echo. It comes with a WIFI module that enables control via an app. They are also advertising integration with the Ecobee3.



Quiet air pusher

Luxury inside your home

Big Ass Haiku fan



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I just did a bunch of research on the Haiku L-series and tried to answer some of the most pressing questions. There is surprisingly little info available in the wild so I had a few Q&A sessions with their live support which was really helpful.
Cliff notes of my research:

There are two levels of WiFi functionality. There is a WiFi module that is mounted directly to the fan unit and then there is a wall control unit that gets mounted to a wall in the room the fan is mounted.

The WiFi module gives you basic control of the fan using their Haiku Home app. There is no feedback on room conditions without the wall control. So, the WiFi module mostly just gives you a connected "dumb" fan.

However, the wall control has a thermometer, humidistat, and motion sensor. You need the wall control to enable the smart controls. With it, you can enable auto on/off (via motion sensing) and auto speed controls (keep a certain "feels like" temp using thermometer/humidistat).


You can purchase the L Series on Amazon and you will receive the fan and a wifi module but no wall control.

Or, you can purchase the fan from the manufacturer for $450 ($25 cheaper than Amazon) and you will receive just the fan (no WiFi module or wall control).


The wall control is only available from the manufacturer. It costs $125 and if you tell them you have a L Series, they will send you a WiFi module for free. So, if you want to buy the whole setup (fan, WiFi module, wall control) it doesn't make any sense to buy from Amazon because you will end up with one extra WiFi module and you will have paid $25 extra. But if you just want the fan, then it's probably better to buy on Amazon so you can get the WiFi module.

If you would like to read my whole write-up on the subject, you can check it out here: http://thesmartcave.com/haiku-l-series-smart-ceiling-fan/

There are also a couple connected fans due to be released by Hunter in the next couple months called the Symphony and Signal. They are expected to retail for under $400. I just took a look at their website and I like them already. I was greeted with the following quote near the top of the page: 


"Our Connected Home Fans are smarter than most politicians."

– John Hunter

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