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Z-Wave Contact Sensor?


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Does anyone know of a Z-Wave contact sensor in existence?  I'm thinking of a Z-Wave device that has two screw posts that would take wires.  Almost like a breadboard type device so I could play around with it.  You know, shorted send a close alert, open, send an open alert.

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I may have found something.  


This post talks about the MIMOLite device but it has limitations.  http://community.smartthings.com/t/mimolite-input-capability/1292


It points to this post but that link doesn't work.




The actual post is here:  http://community.smartthings.com/t/working-mimolite-device-type-with-sensor/1468

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The one device I want most is a really simple one.  I want a simple low voltage current detector that can be used to trigger the Staples Connect to do other things.  The use case for this is that I have a Rainsoft water softener, that periodically needs salt.  In the circuit board there is a place to attach a small LED that comes on when the salt is low.  This seems to have been implemented to comply with the ADA, so that the LED could be put someplace that a hearing impaired person would see it.  


With a device similar to 


I could trigger a more meaningful alert to myself. than the faint occasional beep from some where generally in the room in the basement where several major home systems occasionally beep.


The problem is that Fibaro is not selling in the US and the and the smart home device is Insteon

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I realize this isn't "plug and play" but you could use the Smartthings Shield for Arduino to create low voltage inputs. 




I think Kevin bought one of these but not sure if he has done anything with it.


In regards to monitoring an LED on a water softner.  If you can get access to the LED connections you could actually wire that voltage to the input of a small microcontroller (like an Arduino) instead of trying to use a current sensor.  You might be able to use the Smartthings Shield I just mentioned since both the Staples Connect and Smartthings are using z-wave.

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