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58 minutes ago, ShadowPeo said:


I am not entirely sure I would have to look it up they did tell me, I know it was not HikVision that the other company uses. I am pretty sure they are object base as I do not see any PIR sensor on the cameras

Thanks, I am pretty much all HikVision now. These camera are rock solid and the image from them is awesome. Cant wait to here about what your Sub is using...

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23 hours ago, Jason said:

Am currently trying my Amcrest cameras with a Blue Iris make time of 1 second, break time of 20 seconds and motion detection of 799 with min contrast of 62. To get fewer false alerts. Will the. Adjust from there. So far so good.

I have never had the time to finalize my settings. I was changing them pretty frequently on three of my cameras. My min duration is 1, break time of 30. My min object size is 300 and min contrast is 54. I need to adjust more because I do get motion triggered by clouds.


I have three cameras that see the street. I need to fix them so they ignore the top 15 to 20% of the screen so they don't trigger all day.


1 hour ago, Jason said:

Just created a Blue Iris schedule and made it Continuous. Then set each of my cameras to use the continuous recording profile with motion detecting. This way I’ll have 24/7 recording but motion alerts within the time view.

This is the way all my cameras but one is set up. It works pretty good. I have not played with it enough yet.


35 minutes ago, itGeeks said:

I think that's your best option for sake of sanity. Take a look and see if BI offers the option to pump up the resolution if motion is detected this way you can record 24 hours at a lower resolution but if motion is detected you can record in lets say 1080p. Synology's new surveillance station now offers this and I can't wait to try it.

I do this with one of my cameras now. I record in a lower resolution and then have the camera in the software a second time for motion triggered recording.


In another post you mentioned XProtect. I was going to try it out but it doesn't work with Amcrest cameras. I was a bit bummed.

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Don't your Amcrest cameras support ONVIF? I did a quick sirch and the ones I saw do, XProtect supports it so it should work with Amcrest. Its free so download it and try it. XProtect Download

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