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How to pair a Lowe's ISIS water sensor, Utilitech, to SmartThings

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I finally picked up some "guaranteed fresh" batteries and uninstalled the sensors from SmartThings, and re-installed.


To un-install you usually just delete the thing but sometimes a "thing" can continue to think it is tied to a particular z-wave hub.  I did the "General Device Exclusion" routine with the SmartThings app to remove it and tell the device that it is not paired with my hub.


In the app tap the Dashboard up at the top. It should go to the left and show, Shop, My Account, Support.  Tap the gear in the top right.

Scroll down to your hub.  Tap your hub.

Tap Z-Wave Utilities.

Tap General Device Exclusion.


This puts the hub in a mode that is listening for devices to remove from the hub.  This means you have to go to the device and perform an action so it will tell the hub that it's me that should "un-pair" from you.  This could be a button, or a switch press, etc.  Each device is different.

The water sensor has a button and it's a simple push of this and you will see it pop up on your screen.

Then the device is ready to pair with your hub or another hub.

You can then add it back by adding a thing and pressing the button once again.

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