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I ran across this KickStarter project that is currently funded and looks like early bird units have shipped.




It's a central hub but has a lot of smarts built in.  It's not like a SmartThings hub.




Sentri is a smart home device that evolves the traditional security system to give you a 360-degree view of your home, guarding everything from your home’s security to tracking its physical state. Sentri comes preloaded with a HD video camera and motion detector that you’ll find in typical security systems, in addition to a set of sensors that measure and display your home’s temperature, humidity levels, and air quality, making it the smartest security system on the market.


How will it work with what you already have invested in?


While Sentri already comes pre-loaded with a range of sensors (motion detector, thermometer, humidity sensor, and air quality sensor), Sentri can also detect the presence of other smart devices via WiFi and Bluetooth networks.

Today, there is a clear trend towards openness and shared connectivity in the smart devices and Internet of Things (IoT) community. Most home automation devices provide open SDKs to connect with other smart devices. Examples of open platform and frameworks include AllSeen Aliance(http://bit.ly/1jkWlE5) and AllJoyn (https://www.alljoyn.org/). 

As long as these smart devices have APIs/SDKs Sentri can tap into, Sentri will integrate with them. Once connected, simply view and control all your smart devices from Sentri's mobile app. Our dream is making Sentri the perfect hub in your smart home. Current home automation on this list include: 
● Nest - Smart Thermostat 
● Wemo - Smart switch and power outlet 
● Hue - Smart light bulb 
● Lockitron - Smart wireless lock

We are always expanding the number of smart devices we support, and are closely watching opportunities for integrations with other products like SmartThings, Snugr Thermostat, and Ninja Sphere.

Sentri has always been first and foremost about designing for our users, and we deeply value the views of our backers. Feel free to give us suggestions and we will continue to evaluate them as we consider integrating these features.



I wish I could have caught the $199 early bird.  The next step is a $249 early bird.  


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