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    • Dave
      By Dave
      I've been given a green light to start a SmartThings install and I thought I would open it up to you guys to pick out all the "things."
      Here is what I have in the house:
      Alarm system that is not on a service.  We use it for night time safety only. It has sensors only on the doors otherwise, glass breakage sensors are throughout the house.  
      Three IP cameras. Nothing fancy, two D-Link 932L's and a Foscam PTZ.  Using iSpy software on a Windows Home Server.
      I would like to:
      Emulate the alarm system. I wonder if the glass sensors can be used with the relay module? https://shop.smartthings.com/#/products/evolve-lfm-20-fixture-module
      Cameras. I would like to get more cameras and be able to integrate them into the system somehow. iSpy software has a lot of options but the remote viewing is not polished.
      I would like to use and Android phone and possibly an iPad.  I also use a Surface RT to monitor the cameras. If there was any way to export web modules to build your own website that would be awesome.
      My Things:
      Leak detector
      door lock
      a couple of presence sensors
      a pack of multi sensors
      relays for garage doors * 3
      So, what do you think and what would your build look like?
    • cskenney
      By cskenney
      SmartThings tweeted out this Amazon Lightning deal.  Get the ST-SK-001 Know and Control Your Home Kit for $239.20 (normally $299).
      Only available 11am EDT to 3pm EDT today.
    • twack
      By twack
      My name is Todd and I'm a Hacker/Maker (Hardware/Software) of SmartThings. I saw the podcast last night which pointed me here, so I though I'd stop by and help get things rolling.
      My twitter handle is @wackware, and my email is twack.....at.....wackware...dot...net.
      I'll stop by here as often as I can. but you'll typically find me on the smartthings forums for sure. I'm looking forward to helping you guys out as much as I can. "Let's get this party started!" as they say.
      Happy Hacking!
    • RCoop
      By RCoop
      We’re working on a thermostat built around a network of wireless battery-powered sensors.  We just launched a Kickstarter and have been getting a lot of requests to integrate with SmartThings (and some votes for Ninja Sphere as well). We’d like to know if providing just our temp/humidity/motion sensor is valuable as a standalone Thing, separate from the full functionality of our system. What do you think?

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