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Light Switches for Outdoor lighting based on time of day


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Anyone used any z-wave light switches to turn on / off outdoor lighting?  I have lights on my garage and front porch that use flourescent bulbs.  They are controlled by a light switch in my front hallway of the house.  I would like them to turn on at dusk and then turn off at a pre-determined time (say 11pm).


Anyone have any experience doing this?  I need to use a switch that integrates to Smartthings.  The lights outside are hardwired and use a special base (they are not screw in bulbs).

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I didn't want to wait for the Amazon delivery later this week to get the Jasco / GE switches so I went over to Best Buy and picked up a WeMo Light Swtich.


My application is really straight forward.  In the front entry of my house are two switches that turn on/off the porch light and the lights on the front of the garage.  I replaced one of the switches with the WeMo Light switch and I connected both circuits to the load side of the new switch.  I don't think I have ever turned on my porch light and not had the garage lights on too.


Anyways, the WeMo light switch was pretty easy to install. I had to install the WeMo app on my phone to set up the switch.  Only issue was  I had to change my network password.  I was using a password with spaces in it and WeMo won't won't accept spaces.  One the switch was configured to my network I could jump into the SmartThings App and set everything up.  I current have the lights set to come on at dusk and turn off at 11:30pm.


If I ever were to stay out later than 11:30pm (it doesn't happen any more....I have kids) then I could set another event to turn the lights on when my phone was detected near home.


So far so good.  The WeMo switches CANNOT be used used in a 3-way circuit.  However, depending on where you are shopping they are comparably priced to the Jasco z-wave (GE) switches and you can pick them up at various local retailers (Best Buy had them near me).

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