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How many Home Automation hub systems are on the market today?

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Home automation does not necessarily require a hub ! 

The following systems are all based on distributed logic.

The Exotic (e.g popular in Europe and Asia).


C-bus (Clipsal)



The industrial:




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The ALYT folks are saying all the right things, but that that level of integration sounds like a massive undertaking. Hope they can pull it off! There's a table summary with of many of the mentioned new breed systems here: http://darwinsden.com/home-automation-controller-feature-comparison/. ALYT would almost complete BINGO on this chart + add several more criteria lines to the table.

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For professional installs, here's a few more to add to the mix:





Clare Controls

BitWise Controls

Pro Control

Philips Pronto (not alive anymore, but a true classic!)


Can't think of anymore right now!

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