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HomeLink to Z-wave trigger


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I hope to use geo-fencing to trigger my home automation actions in the future, but currently there is a comfort level in pushing a button. We use HomeLink on our cars to open/close the garage door. I had to wonder if anyone made any type of HomeLink to Z-wave connection. I just ordered one of these:



They are not in production any more and most reviews are bad as people are not familiar with what there intended use is.

I have no idea if they will work with SmartThings, time will tell.

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Did you get the Wayne Dalton device to work?  The Amazon reviews were a real mixed bag and made it sound like set up is a pain.  

From what I read it sounded like this is used as a secondary hub that needs to be paired with z-wave devices.  I was hopping that it could be added to a z-wave network and be used as a trigger for scenes  set up in the hub.  

As you say Geo-fencing is a good approach to outdoor lights, maybe even motion sensors, but I really would like to use those HomeLink buttons and as far as I can tell this is the only device that even sort of works.

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It shows up in SmartThings as a z-wave remote, but that is as far as I have gotten. As soon as I find some time, I will try to link it to the HomeLink button in the car. 

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Ironically I purchased this item back in December, but finally set it up about a month ago. The manual that came with the device was not very helpful but after enough googling i found a different manual that allowed me to pair the device to the homelink button in my car. I have mine paired with a Mi Casa Verde Vera Lite Z-wave controller. The scene I paired it with involves unlocking the front and back doors and turning on 3 lights around the house, after 10 minutes the doors re-lock and two of the lights are turned off. My only complaint is it sends the signals slowly, where if I press the button and immediately go to the house, not all of the devices are triggered, but if i have things to unload before going inside, then everything is on as programmed. I don't even have a garage, so it's nice to use the homelink buttons for something useful!

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Still have not gotten this to work, so I cut bait. The Minimote is working great for this application. A little double sided tape to neatly mount it to the dash of the car. Push button 1:

outdoor lights turn on

garage door opens

garage light turns on

mud room door unlocks

kitchen light turns on



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TeeeBear, it would be cool to hear more about your setup.  Anyone else get this to work?


Schoon, is there no way to automate this?  If my phone or presence sensor has been away from the hub for "x" amount of time and it returns, pop the garage, turn on the lights, etc.  Asking to much?

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Its easy to automate, with a presence senor or by setting your phone as a presence sensor:



I could not come up with an automated combination that worked for my wife.

Pushing button 1 to:

Turn on the front lights.

Open the garage door.

Turn on the garage light.

Unlock mudroom door.

Turn on the light in the kitchen.


Push button 2 to:

Turn on front lights.

Unlock front door.

Turn on hall light.

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I'm not familiar enough with either ZWAVE or homelink to say this is definitively possible, BUT:


if there is a homelink serial interface, you could hook it up to one port on the WebMountain RUC-01 and hook up a ZWAVE serial interface to the other port, then use the "Trigger" function to initiate actions on the protocol that is using the other port.  It doesn't do Homelink natively, but there is a "raw" function that allows you to send/receive the exact bit string you'd need.  You'd just need to do a little footwork to figure out exactly what you're getting from the homelink transmitter (the RUC-01 also shows the last data received on a port, so it could be pretty simple- press the button, find the data, then copy it into the trigger setup).  Then you'd just set up as many triggers as you want to send zwave commands when the homelink button push is received.  (Unfortunately I don't know anything about zwave, either, so I can't say if that can be done by one trigger/zwave command or one trigger/command for each of the lights/doors you want to activate).  


I probably sound link a Web Mountain salesman on this forum, but trust me, I'm not.  I just recently deployed two RUC-01's in my house and barn (distinct electrical services unfortunately) and I'm just realizing how much these things can actually do.  The device has certain protocols built-in, so it's easier to create the trigger inputs and outputs, but you can use anything at all that talks RS232 with the 'raw' function.


The input triggers available out of the box are:


 ESI  Sched  UPB Direct  UPB Link  Zwave  Raw  Button  Insteon  X10


"button" is a menu item on their "control panel" that you set up, and can be on a PC or remotely with the IOS/Android clients (from anywhere at all, if you're confident in your ability to configure port forwarding in your router).  

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