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Phillips Hue controlled via Vera Lite


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So I was at Best Buy today and they had a Phillips Hue starter kit and a Spar bulb. That way I have all four in the fan. In my master bed room I have a ceiling fan that only has an on off switch which I have already replaced with a Leviton 4 scene controller which works awesome controlling various route through the house for getting around at night. Anyway now I have control over the lights in my ceiling fan which I did not have before. Unless I wanted to pull a chain, what am I a caveman? lol. All I had to do was install the Hue app on my Vera Lite and link it to the Hue controller. I have to say it works great. The Hue controller is all the way down stairs in my media cabinet and the lights are up in my master bedroom and there is almost no lag and saw the bulbs no problem. I did have to use the android Hue app to add the additional bulb to the controller the three that came with the controller where pre linked.


The only draw back with this set up is that the Vera can only have 6 preset colors where as if I was using the Hue app I could use all 1 million something colors. The SO already said the other colors are terrible " why would we need blue lights" why not I say.


The bulbs a fairly expensive but hopefully they have a good life span. Obviously not as long as a standard LED bulb but hopefully much longer than a CFl or incandescing. Looking for bulk pricing but not finding it. If anyone finds better pricing than $59.99 per bulb please share it with the rest of us.

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