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SMB data center monitoring


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My day job is working with enterprise IT departments. We are starting to move in to SMB as well. Data Center monitoring has gotten to be a big business. SMB customers find it hard to justify the cost of those tools.

What about using SmartThings to monitor a small center (2-10) racks of equipment:

The hub:



MultiSensors on the top of the doors to monitor access and temp



Aeon Labs Multi-Sensor-humidity-temp-motion-light:



Flood/Water sensor:



Light switches









Smoke detectors:


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I have the basics up and running on this;


Aeon Multisensor for Motion, Humidity, Temperature and Light.

Three SmartThings MultiSensors:

                                                    1. Measure the temperature of incoming cool air.

                                                    2. Front door of rack and temperature.

                                                    3. Back door of rack and temperature.

I currently receive notifications, if there is motion in the lab, if the incoming air is warmer than 70F, if the internal rack temperature exceeds 75F, if either rack door is opened.

I still need to get a humidity warning set.

Adding a camera may be next.

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I'm now thinking that this is where I'll test INSTEON.  I have a room downstairs with most of my networking equipment and I could do some monitoring like you described above.  Awesome idea.

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