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Hi All,


Just thought I would kick off with a brief description of my system.


I have elected to go with a wireless 433 MHz system.


Hardware: Raspberry Pi Mod B.

Transceiver: RFXCom RFXTRX433 (USB connected to the Pi, placed in the attic) www.rfx.com

Software:- Domoticz. Great piece of Open Source that runs on Windows and Linux (including Synology etc) www.domoticz.com


Field Equipment:- Lightwaverf light switches, dimmers, relays and PIRs, Oregon Scientific temperature and humidity sensors, Homeeasy power sockets.


Also with the aid of a plug-in, my XBMC (media centre) controls the lighting in my TV Room. (Dim to % on Play, etc.)


The Domoticz Devs have also done a ton of work with Open Zwave, although I don't use that, ... Yet.


Anyway that's a bit about my system, it really works well, and it's pretty resilient too.



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Any tutorials on using the Pi with HA? Given the small size,cheapness and low power consumption it should open up all sorts of possibilities.

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