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Returned My Band 2, Now What?


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​I bought a Band 2 ~November of 2015. It was on sale and with the savings I got the extended warranty and a screen protector. About 12 months later I took it back to my Microsoft Store because it would no longer charge. They swapped it out with an in-stock Band 2 of the same size. No cost to me. They even put on a new screen protector for free. About 3 months later (now) I took that one back because it no longer displayed or recorded heart rate. Not when sleeping, not during the day, not during exercise. This time they told me no new Band 2 devices were available (I was not really surprised, although it is still listed as available on Amazon) so they offered me a full refund, given that it was still covered by the extended warranty. I took that, but I miss some aspects of the Band 2.


This post is simply a solicitation for suggestions from any of the rest of you for a replacement. I haven't started any research yet and won't for about a month (long business trip) but I'm hoping that that suggestions will help narrow my search.


Ideas welcome!


What I liked most about the Band 2:

* silent wrist alarm to wake me up in the morning

* heart rate monitoring overnight

* explorer mode so I could take multi-hour walks or hikes without it draining the entire battery

* shared data with the "Lose It" app on my iPhone

* heart rate monitoring and calorie estimate during exercise at the gym (e.g. stationary bicycle or elliptical)

* Microsoft Health app on iPhone and web for maps and sleep reports and so forth

* I did not normally wear it all day but when I did I liked the all-day heart rate monitoring it did

* watch mode (when I did wear it I would forego wearing a separate watch)


What I never used and could do without

* messaging alerts
​* phone alerts

* weather alerts

* golf app

* music control app

* stock app

* email and calendar previews

* stairs climbed

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I was in the same situation.  My Band 2 was acting up so I got a replacement but instead of wearing that replacement I sold it.  I ended up with the Fitbit Charge 2.  It was a hard decision because I liked my band.  I even loved the first gen band.  I think what I liked the most was it was from Microsoft and that made me different than all the other people wear fitbits.  However, since wearing the fitbit and having ZERO bluetooth issues.  ZERO sync issues and the ability to see and challenge friends in the fitbit community I am sold.  




It lasts for days, the app is fantastic and it is great as a watch and for notifications if you ever need them.  The Charge 2 does heartrate and you can also swap the bands.  There is also a smaller version called Alta.  http://fave.co/2lZqJN8  This link is the current version but they will soon have available a heartrate option in the alta.  


I did an unboxing of the Charge 2 on my way to CES.


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Love the in-flight unboxing. Was the voice-over recorded live? Seems unlikely unless you had a microphone because I couldn't hear any engine noise. 


The Alta is out for me because I really want heart rate monitoring. Unless the enhanced version is out by the time I decide.

I don't need a built-in GPS because I will always have my phone with me (I'm walking or hiking, not running). 

I've done some additional reading now and reviews and the FB Charge 2 looks very possible.

I'll want to go somewhere where I can actually see them before deciding. 


Thanks for the suggestion.

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That was a voice over.  It was really noisy on the plane!  I also didn't want to be that guy talking to myself.  ;)

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I was waiting eagerly for the Band 3, had the 1, took it back as found it was made of crappy material and scratched really easily, got to close to my B'day and decided that I wanted the Band 3, boom, cancelled the wearables, bassssst!



Are these really a competitor too things like the Band, they seem more like fitness watches, than smart watch devices..

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I had the same problems except I had to get mine replaced every three or four months. I replaced mine with the Fitbit surge. This thing is a piece of garbage. Nothing it measures it correct. I can run the miles and one day it will say it was 1000 strips and the next time or was 5000 steps. It will show my pulse near 100 while I am driving and it is about 65. The sleeping is even worse. I have had days were I have been up for an hour before it thinks I am up. One time I had a sick child and I was up for about an hour dealing with her and it didn't even show me as restless. The only thing it seems to do well is keep time and the GPS seems accurate.


Complete garbage and I miss my band.


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Wonder if theres any stock on Amazon somewhere, get a Band 2 from there perhaps, just no support etc now they've been dumped..


Give it 3 years and they'll probably bring out a new device as the MS thing seems to be bringing out tech, running 1/2 versions, half arsed pushing for a bit, then ditch it, wait a few years then bring it back..

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I took my last band 2 I got and reinforced the band with black electrical tape.  So far I have got over 4 months out of this one.  Usually I would get 3 months and it would die from breaking the wires that went through the band.  My backup plan at this point is to go back to my working Band 1. 

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I was waiting for the Pebble Time 2. My Time had great battery life, always on screen and was decent at messaging. I just wanted a bit larger screen.


Since the Time 2 is not going to happen. I bought a Fitbit Blaze with a bunch of bands for a good price. It doesn't live up to the battery life hype. It's a 

larger device, but screen isn't much bigger than my Time. 


I mainly want a notification device so I'll probably sell this and look at one of the new Android Wear 2.0 devices. 

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I have a FB Blaze. Sleep monitoring is very accurate. Heart rate is close. Notifications work well. I only need to charge the battery once a week. Sync and BlueTooth work perfect. I use the silent alarm every morning. The Fit Bit app has a ton of detail and data. It is a big device. There are lots of band choices.


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