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Sp3 (<2Yrs Old) Draining Battery Overnight In Sleep Mode


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As of about 3 days ago, my SP3 began to drain its battery within 8 hours while on that standby/sleep mode. I've never had a problem with it before, it may have lost a bit as you would expect, but then all of the sudden every time it's in Sleep, it drains insane amounts of battery. I'm talking going from 100% to 11% overnight without being used.


I haven't made any changes to the device, I even tried uninstalling some unnecessary programs to try to extend the life. No dice. I checked through some older threads where the issue was the battery drivers (they were labelled as being from 2006 or something) but mine appear to be the proper 2015 drivers. The device also appears to have normal battery usage while it's on and in use, as far as I can tell given that it dies before I get to school.. Even on short breaks, maybe 20 minutes, it'll consume 6% in sleep. The usage stats show pretty normal levels, with Chrome being the highest sleep mode power consumer at a whopping 3% in 24 hours.


I can't see it being a hardware issue as it was fine over the weekend, and it travels in a laptop sleeve in my backpack, so it hasn't been exposed to water or anything.


Please help, I'm a poor university student with a long commute and I can't afford to buy a new computer or use my old heavy laptop!

Thanks in advance.

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