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Wp 8.1 To Windows 10 Mobile, To Android - And Back Again

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I found this interesting, I definitely like some things about windows mobile better than android but for everyone I think it's all about the app selection.



"Really, my smartphone is my portable OneNote system that also gets email, plays games and shows me Twitter, with the odd Skype call. That means that Windows Phone 8.1 is still my only real choice of smartphone at the moment, and I was able to replace my 1520 at the end of the trip. For now, I'm happily back on Windows Phone 8.1, swiping away at speed, although I'm worried about how long it will be until Microsoft turns off Skype for these phones."




The entire article sums it up well.

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What pushed me over the edge to switch to Android full time is, missing MLB At Bat, Snapchat to name just two. Then Hilton and United Apps that did not have the full feature set on Win phone like it does on Droid. IF Win Mobile ever gets this support I'll be back. Of course I still have my Lumia 640 for my MP3/GPS device in my car. :)

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