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Manga Studio Installing Trouble


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Hi there, newbie here.  Just got myself a Surface Pro 2, and I'm looking to put some software on it.  I bought a copy of Manga Studio Ex 4.0 awhile back, but it's on disk.  Is there a way for me to install it?  Preferably without having to buy another piece of hardware?


I tried putting the disc contents on a jump drive, and that seemed to work, but after I put in my serial number, it told me it couldn't do things until I put the disc in.



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Welcome, @Truxi! I suggest you post your question over at the official Clip Studio Paint aka Manga Studio forum https://forum.smithmicro.com/category/7/clip-studio-paint-formerly-manga-studio


If you have other DVD software you plan to install in the future, you may want to invest in a low cost external drive, like those over at AmazonBasics: http://surfaceproartist.com/blog/2013/9/6/no-digital-download-no-worries-with-amazonbasics-dvd-drive


Lastly, I strongly recommend that you consider upgrading your EX 4.0 disc to version 5. The interface is much better tuned to working on a tablet and unless you plan to work on multiple pages at once, the low cost Pro version is probably sufficient.

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